Gaming PC gets new internals – GPU still needed

Last time I blogged about my gaming PC was when I started calling it “Frank” (short for Frankenstein) because it was made up of a mixture of old parts but celebrating the arrival of a brand new super fast solid-state hardrive. Fast forward 9 months and you could say Christmas was very good to Frank as he got some new upgrades over the holiday season.

A broken CPU fan, a noisy chassis with poor cooling and the inability to run any new games released had me replaying old classics instead of enjoying current PC gaming titles. Anyone who knows anything computers knows that when you upgrade one part of your computer’s internals it is usually tied to another part and before you know it you would be better off buying a new system. That was conundrum I found myself in. I needed a faster processor but a new processor means new motherboard which means now memory plus while I am at it why not get a HD monitor and don’t forget the graphics card which is the heart and soul (and often the most expensive component) of a PC gaming setup. Since a curved screen directs light from all angles towards the viewer’s eye, the idea is that you will be able to take everything in without much ocular exertion.

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Unfortunately I am still without a new graphics card but I did manage to get the motherboard, memory and processor upgraded. With many of my most anticipated games of 2014 being PC games I hope to upgrade my GPU and monitor sometime in late March or early April but for now Frank is running really well. Check out the new parts I got below

PC gamer? Share you PC specs in a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese. Any GPU recommendations in the $200 range?


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  1. Good to know that Frank received some additional parts to keep him running. Please continue to take good care of him.

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