Samurai Flamenco – I tried really hard to like it

When I wrote my first impressions post for Samurai Flamenco a few months ago I described it as a “quirky superhero-themed comedy drama that although seemed off-putting at first actually became more interesting as I watched the first few episodes.” Now after watching all 22 episodes of Samurai Flamenco I’d describe it as an anime with an identity crisis.

Samurai Flamenco -7

Somewhere around episode 10 or so things went very wrong for Samurai Flamenco and I kept watching to see if the show would eventually return to its roots. Instead I was dragged along a mental roller coaster featuring destructive robots, giant monsters, shallow side characters, space travel, an incoherent story and at least a dozen WTF moments that range from puzzling to frustrating to seriously holding myself back from cursing at the screen.

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Samurai Flamenco -9

In the end I m not sure what to think of Samurai Flamenco. Can I say I liked the first half then endured the middle just to see through its acceptable end? Overall I can say I did not like it personally but I can definitely see someone else thinking this anime is awesome. In my mind it was a disjointed quagmire of clichés that failed to build on its core. I intend to stay clear of similar anime in the future.

Samurai Flamenco -4

Did you enjoy Samurai Flamenco? Thinking of watching it in the future? Agree or disagree with my thoughts? Please let me know via twitter @Jamaipanese or leave a comment below. From me conversations so far it seems feedback on Samurai Flamenco is split right down the middle.