Second Year of College Vanquished

Year number two for me in college has come and gone probably even faster that year number one did. Year one had all the excitement and “newness” while year two was a challenging reality check that caused a few stumbles but I was strong enough to not fall thanks to the support of family and friends. The first semester (August to December) I’d say was my most challenging yet but I survived it and recovered well to have an excellent second semester (January to May) and a good year overall. My goal to complete college without failing a course is still on track but object-oriented programming provided quite the scare. However, with the support of my classmates and a multi-day study marathon before final exams I managed to pass.


Learning to appreciate Programming

Programming like Math before it became the bane of my existence but as the year progressed and I made the effort, time commitment and got the assistance needed I started to understand and enjoy programming. Its still not something I’d want to do for a living but I have a new appreciation for the art of programming.

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Japanese as an elective

This year was also the year I got the chance to do formal Japanese classes in many years as I got reunited with my sensei who first taught me way back in September 2005. While I learned no new material doing Japanese as a university elective I got a chance to not feel like I was perpetually playing catch-up and juggling work, school and life while barely keeping my head above the water. I got a chance to be a leader to help my classmates and guide them using my experience from when I was first learning the very basics of the Japanese language, and while a few of my group members fled at the first sign of a challenge there were a handful that I am very proud of that performed well over the semester.

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Taking a break for Summer 2014

Though the second semester was better than the first I started to feel mentally drained and after 5 straight semesters of work in the days and school at nights (First year, summer them second year) I decided to take a break this semester so that I can return for year three refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. A break was also needed for financial reasons. From what I am being told this is where the real action begins as I graduate from the basic foundation courses and start my specialization. Challenge accepted!

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4 thoughts on “Second Year of College Vanquished

  1. Congratulations! What they call in the US a “sophomore year” is always more challenging. Our son got seriously distracted during his second year, especially after he joined a fraternity! But that’s another story… Where did you study Japanese and who was your teacher (in Jamaica?) I often feel I would like to brush mine up.

    1. thank you. I noticed that many people got sidetracked as well. I have to remain motivated to see this through and try to surround myself with motivated people as well.

      My Japanese teacher from way back in 2005 and this past semester is named Tomoko sensei. I will call you to give you her details if you are very interested

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