Learning to Love Computer Programming

Information technology is a wide field that provides a variety of options of study and specialization. In today’s world technology is everywhere and impacts on every aspect of our lives in one way or another. That is one of the reasons I decided to do an IT undergrad degree because simply being a techie without the earned credentials left me looking on from the outside as the world sped along.


Programming was one of those mental hurdles I subconsciously built up that deterred me from really expanding my knowledge of computers and how they work. Previously I steered clear of programming instead focusing on more trendy topics like computer hardware, repairs, web design and gadgets. That all had to change when I started my IT degree at UTECH which makes four programming courses a requirement for all IT undergrads, no matter you eventually specialize in.

I jumped the first programming hurdle and passed with flying colours last semester and have grown addicted to the complexities of learning to write and understand simple programs. What I have been learning so far in the C Programming Language is just the beginning but I have grown addicted to the challenge and that feeling of victory when I figure out a problem or code a solution. Too bad that positive sensation is not the same for College Math, Calculus and a few other math courses that stand in my way… more on those in another blog post.

5 thoughts on “Learning to Love Computer Programming

  1. Nice! Glad to hear everything is going great. I also started with C, a long time ago. Not my cup of tea but it’s a good starting point^^

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