Dragon Ball Canned Drinks help raise your power level

Feeling that you are not strong enough lately? Are you being defeated by inferior adversaries? Not able to punch through steel or run 100 metres 10x faster than Usain Bolt anymore? Then the DyDo beverage company in Japan has a special limited edition product just for you! A carbonated beverage in two flavours that features some of the mightiest warriors earth has ever seen, all from the immensely popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball!



All the popular characters are featured on the can, from the likes of Son Goku, Son Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza and Nappa to even the nobodies like Bulma and Yamcha. Drink a can today then launch it into a bin with a ka-me-ha-me-ha attack to show off your revitalized power levels but be sure to artificially reduce your power levels as governments around the world are now armed with scouters.

New Dragon Ball Movie

When you are done, if you are in Japan, please go and see the new Dragon Ball movie entitled “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” which takes place several years after the battle with Majin Boo. I’m already bouncing around in my chair while writing this blog post, memories of a childhood infested with super saiyans are all flooding back. I wonder if I can get my paws on a case of a these drinks from Japan?…

Source – Dydo


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