Achievement Unlocked! First year of college complete

2 semesters, 9 courses and almost 10 months after stepping into UTECH for my official first day as a university student I can report that I survived the first year. All courses passed with a few disappointing grades but a feeling of satisfaction that is so hard to explain. If it feels so good to just be done with the first of 4 years I’ll be over the moon when I graduate.


I’ve manage to balance work and school so far although there were times in the last few weeks when I nearly imploded. I’ve even banished my fear of programming and now really enjoying my programming-related courses the most. Now all I can do is enjoy my 2 weeks break before the summer semester begins and I battle the dreaded Calculus for 10 weeks. Stay tuned and hopefully my next update on my journey through college will be as high-spirited as this one…

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3 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked! First year of college complete

  1. Woohoo! Good job :) One year down, the hardest one. The rest may not be the proverbial ‘breeze’ but it will be easier (a bit).

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