My First Loot Crate – Gamer Geek Goodies

Its no secret I am a gamer and I am a very proud geek, so when I discovered a website a few months ago that promised to send me epic gamer geek goodies every month I was ecstatic… until I realized that they don’t ship to Jamaica. So for month and months I wished and hoped that one day I would have a loot crate to call my own, that day has finally come. But before I go into that.


What is Loot Crate?

In a nutshell Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service where you spend about US$20 including shipping on a box filled with geek/gamer loot under a particular theme. With a subscription comes a chance to win a “Mega Crate” a $250 treasure trove that bound to give the lucky recipient one of the most memorable geekgasms.

For the life of me I am unable to beat Guile’s top score in Space Invaders. Can you?

Which Crate did I get?

My first and only loot crate so far is the April 2013 crate which was under the theme “Token”. In it I got a few items that reminded me of the good old days of the video game arcade. Items covering Space invaders, Street Fighter, an arcade token, Mario and candy. I liked my first loot crate but I honestly think it could have been a little better, however for $20 plus an extra $5 to have a courier ship to me in Jamaica I cannot complain. I am already looking forward to May 2013’s loot crate which seems to be RPG related and under the theme “Equip”.

Loot Crate April 2013 Unboxing Video!

What did I get in my crate?

In my April 2013 crate under the theme “Token” I got.

  • A Mushroom Kingdom Circuit Racing bag
  • Kid Robot Street Fighter blind box – Guile
  • Kid Robot Street Fighter Key chain – Blanka vs Zangief
  • Space Invaders Candy
  • 8-bit Zombie Arcade Token
  • Root Beer and Mini Burger Candy


Random Poll: Blanka vs Zangief – who do you think would win?

Who do you think would win in a brawl between Blanka and Zangief? Vote in the poll below and tweet me @Jamaipanese to share your answer and I’ll do the same!

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