Jamaipanese goes to College – First Day

Yesterday I opened yet another new chapter in my life, a chapter that for the next four years will be filled with stories, experiences and lessons related to my life as a University student. Year after year since leaving High School I aimed to get myself enrolled in college to further my education, but a lack of money and being ever the procrastinator I dallied and tried to do other shorter bite sized courses that all remained incomplete as I grew bored after the first couple weeks. So I took a step back, used some of the lessons learned from planning for and executing “Operation Visit Japan” and evaluated my interests, the colleges available and what I enjoy doing. Being the geek I am Information Technology unsurprisingly floated to the top with Law a close second.

University of Technology Jamaica (UTECH) Emblem

Lost my social life after jumping through hoops

After jumping through many hoops; doing various tests, paying various fees, medicals, workshops, orientation, student loan applications, interviews I FINALLY started school officially, albeit with a few hoops still left to jump through before I am officially in the clear. I will be pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computing and my new schedule will be a monster – there goes most of if not all my gaming, anime, movie, idle time and any semblance of social life I have now as I work my regular 9-5 job while attending school every weekday evening after work and all day on Saturdays. I’ll always be blogging though, even if I have to it while sitting on the loo.

Always the geek but never the programmer

I’ve always been that geek with a wealth of self-taught knowledge that I have picked up over the years as my interest in technology floated all over the place. I could build websites, do graphic design, build a computer from scratch, purge that nasty virus you picked up or make your old computer run like new again among other things . I stayed clear of all things programming or math related though, as these are the kryptonite to my geek powers but alas if I want to do well at UTECH I will need to slay the programming/math dragon – and believe it or not my first class on the first officially day of school was a 3 hour romantic escapade with… programming, then guess what first class is on today the second day will be? College Mathematics… nice try universe, but I will not be defeated.

Programming and Math are on the attack

College Category

I will be posting updates from time to time related my tenure at UTECH, as the first person in my family to attend University it seems all eyes are on me to do well. There is a shiny new category on Jamaipanese.com aptly name “College” that I will be posting school related stuff in from now on, I trust my readers will help me get through and provide assistance where necessary Thank you all in advance.