One Year ago Today I Landed in Japan

A year ago today I landed in the land of the rising sun, when I landed the sun was setting, but after 20+ hours on 3 different flights and time traveling 2 days in the future I stepped off the plane in Tokyo too tired to do the somersault routine I had planned. For the first couple hours it was very overwhelming, the sights, the sounds, the pace was all almost too much for my tired mind and body but alas by the second day I had already gotten lost, reconnected to the internet and made love to a train.

Minus the skyscrapers in the background, I’d like to imagine this Japan 300 years ago

Japan Nostalgia

I still can’t quite believe it has been a year already, I have no idea when I will make it back to Japan but with time moving so fast I know it will be sooner than I think. While frolicking through for 3 weeks I made 6 video blogs that when I re-watch them now it feels so nostalgic. So I thought why not share my nostalgia with those who have been following my blog before during and after my Japan trip and also introduce the videos to those who might have not seen them.

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Japan Updates Video Links

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Everything is fast and furious in Japan, got to keep up!

Be inspired: Break a big task down into pieces

In my case the dream was visiting Japan, but to anyone reading this post and watching the videos who have a dream or something they want to achieve but think it is too great a task, take my advice; break it down into bite sized pieces, spread it out over a predetermined period and document the journey to the prize/goal/finish line.

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The friendliest Shinkansen Conductor ever!


4 thoughts on “One Year ago Today I Landed in Japan

  1. Hey there Kirk,

    I’m an African American video game programmer who works for a Japanese firm here in the US. I had the pleasure to stay in Tokyo, Japan for 4 months during my training period with the company I work for. We did the culture biking tour with a total group of 12 people from around the globe, and it was certainly one of the biggest highlights of our recent stay in Japan. With limited free time and wanting to see more of this fascinating city, that 7 hour cycle ride provided a wonderful way for riders of all levels to get behind the scenes and learn much about the history and culture of Japan.

    We had two tour guides who provided excellent commentary and made sure that their guests had all they needed. One surprise was that lunch and refreshments were provided throughout the day. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I highly recommend this grand tour, if you and your colleagues are going to be spending a lot of time in Tokyo.

    Good luck in all you endeavor.

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