Japan Mobile Rental – Stay connected to the internet while visiting Japan

Earlier in the year, in the middle of the pre-planning for my recently concluded trip to Japan, I realized that having access to the internet while up and about in Japan might prove a little troublesome. As a blogger, tweeter and gadget freak I needed access to the interwebs constantly in order to be able to share my every move as I traveled around Japan. I sure as hell didn’t plan to spent a lot of time bogged down in a hotel room or somewhere with a stationary pipeline to the web. After doing some reading I was dishearted to realise that free wifi isn’t very popular at establishments in Japan and as a junkie wondering where and how I would get my internet fix I search around for some kind of mobile solution. The guys over at Japan Mobile Rental came to my aid and was kind enough to sponsor a Wi-Fi broadband router. You may have seen me tweeting photos and details of my adventures in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto etc and wondered how I was doing it.

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Japan Mobile Rental is a company that offers a high-speed “pocket WiFi” product. Connect wirelessly to the Internet with up to five devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop and portable gaming device and the connection works anywhere in Japan. While it Japan I used my HTC legend when out and about to tweet and makes notes using Evernote. While on the train, in a hotel room or somewhere else I would be for a while without an Internet connection I used my Acer Netbook to upload photos and video to the clouds and expand on notes and jottings I made throughout the day.

I highly recommend the services of Japan Mobile Rental, not just because they sponsored me but because I truly was satisfied using their service. Correspondences were quickly exchanged by email and travelers can easily pick up their Wi-Fi rounter at Narita or Kansai airport using a handy map sent to you after payment is received. When leaving Japan you can just return the device to where you picked it up.

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Visit the Japan Mobile Rental website for more information and pricing and be sure to check out their F.A.Q. Tell them you heard about them through Jamaipanese.com!


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