College Adventure Continues – Hello 2nd Year

This going to college thing is quite the adventure, a very difficult and frustrating adventure at times but an adventure non-the-less with lots of life lessons to learn from along the way. Over the past few months I have celebrated completing my first year of college, grown fond of computer programming and I can now report that I have slain that monster called Calculus during an epic 10 week battle during the summer semester. Seriously, there were pencil shavings everywhere!

Calculus Worksheet

Calculus fell before me, what’s next?

Turns out all I needed was a band of friends who are also trying to slay the beast called Calculus and together we formed a posse (study group) that chopped it down to size. Admittedly, I was the weakest link in the group but after weeks of differentiating, integrating, tangent lines, points of inflection, stationary points, power, chain, product and quotient rules I now laugh (softly) in the face of Calculus but won’t dareΒ say my math anxiety has been cured.

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Jamaipanese the Sophomore

Now I prepare to do it all over again in year 2, a fresh set of obstacles, trials and exams. I repeat, its HARD going to college while still working full-time but there ain’t no turning back or stopping now! I look forward to your continued support as I trade in my freshman badge for the sophomore title.


2 thoughts on “College Adventure Continues – Hello 2nd Year

  1. Glad you conquered your first year and even more proud that you slayed the beast known as calculus. Continue to maintain the momentum and knock out each class the first time around. Its in you to succeed so I know you’ll be fine. Onward we go, trust, this semester will fly by too. Continue to keep well, Sir !!!

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