1st Semester Complete – College Life Off to a Good Start

Anyone who attends college while holding down full-time 9-5 job should be given a medal. I say that not because I have been doing that for the last five months but because I now know first hand how difficult it is and now wish to dropkick anyone who wastes time while attending college full-time. The first semester of my College journey is complete with mostly positive results.


Difficult but far from Impossible

I have passed five courses I undertook, the finalized grades haven’t been released yet but from my coursework results and general feeling after end of semester exams I am proud of my effort. It’s funny how for the first couple weeks I was bouncing off the ceilings with excitement, ready to take on the college behemoth but as the weeks went by it got harder and harder to leave work every night to go to school until 9pm and then getting up early on a Saturday morning to attend even more classes all day.

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Making a pit stop but aiming for the finish line

By the beginning of November I was confident I was doing well but still marking down the days til the Christmas break. I did learn a lot about my personal abilities, maybe programming and college math isn’t as scary as I make it out to be?… or maybe it’s a trick and they will attack me when I least expect it this year? Either way I am prepared for round 2… FIGHT!


6 thoughts on “1st Semester Complete – College Life Off to a Good Start

  1. Yah man. Keep up the good work. I too survived first semester. Looking forward to programming 2 fosho. [music]

  2. Wow, is there no part-time jobs instead for you to take instead? You must be pretty tired managing that but remember your studies are more important!

    I had a part-time job but am now doing an internship but I pray you will be okay with the workload! Hopefully your job doesn’t make you do too much!

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