Jamaipanese.com Youtube Channel Updates

Since last October I have been going through the dozens of videos I recorded while in Japan and picking out of few that I seem share-able and have been uploading them to Youtube. Most of the uploads are short clips on average around a minute long. In times like these I wish my video editing skills were better than it is but sadly it isn’t and trust me, I have tried, but video editing requires much more patience than the light photo editing I do. Maybe someone reading this can teach me or point me in the right direction for some tutorials? The videos range from random recordings while walking the streets, to trains, to interesting attractions. There should be a few more being uploading in the coming weeks as time allows.


Below are a few of my favourites. The rest can be seen by checking out the recent uploads of the Jamaipanese.com Youtube Channel. Please subscribe while you are over there!

  • Umeda Sky Building elevator – Osaka

  • Night view of Yokohama from the Sky Garden – The Landmark Tower

  • Gundam Movie Files trailer – Gundam Cafe

  • Nara Deer and Japanese Kids

  • Outside Akihabara Station – Tokyo, Japan – sights and sounds