Remembering the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetups from 10 years ago

Do you remember the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetups? Twitter launched in 2006 and will mark 15 years since going live next year. Like all major social media platforms, it has gone through many changes. However, if I may dare share my opinion – Twitter remains the most relevant social media platform; and though not without its flaws and shortcomings, remain mostly true to its original identity.

Tanto Blacks

When Tweetups were a thing

Pardon me as I don my rose-tinted glasses remembering a past era when “Tweetups” (Twitter meetups/linkups) were a global thing and the Jamaica Pegasus hotel capitalized by ensuring Jamaica wasn’t left out. Back then, the Jamaican Twittersphere was a smaller (friendlier) place and Tanto Blacks was still on a “budget” and not yet “real rich.” Over the course of 9 months, three tweetups were held at the Pegasus.

Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup

So nice they did it thrice

The first version was like tipping their toes in the water, the second one being more accomplished with a party atmosphere and the third one being the most extravagant of them all with a valentines day theme. I wonder where many of those early Twitter personalities are and what they are up to 10 years later?

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8 thoughts on “Remembering the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetups from 10 years ago

  1. I would love to say I was there lol but I wasn’t. I honestly had no idea that this was going on. I think I was still in my hi5 stage. I think this was a good idea though. It was a great way to introduce a platform and get a buzz. I wonder how that would be done nowadays with so many persons on the platform. Hmmm….

  2. Loved the idea. I was just jumping into event/sponsorship marketing at the time so thought it was really cool. And Prudence Simpson did such a great job on execution. Sigh, I do miss those days. Would def try to attend if they kept something like this again.

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