Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup “Tweetheart” Edition

The Jamaica Pegasus is a 300+ room, 17 story hotel in the heart of Kingston’s business district. In an effort to target young and trendy professionals they have embraced social media as an important tool in expanding their customer market and highlighting their products and services. Their first “tweetup” (organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter) was held in June 2010 and was a smashing success. The Jamaica Pegasus followed up on this success while taking it up another notch with another tweetup a few months later in September – an even bigger success than the first. The third Jamaica Pegasus tweetup was held on February 11th on the roof of the Pegasus and it was the biggest and best one yet.

The Tweetup was the place to be!

Ever since news broke that another tweetup was being planned the local Twitter scene was buzzing and when the tickets became available they were snapped up in a matter of minutes! Thankfully I was pre-registered because of my nomination for a Jamaica Blog Award but I used my eagle eyes to watch out for followup ticket releases and managed to get a few of my friends in. Check out a video I did to show an overview of the nights happenings.

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Great fun, Kudos to the team and Tifa’s performance

The tweeup was held on the roof of the Pegasus, my favourite location yet. I had a great time, meeting up with my tweeps, meeting new tweeps, dancing, watching Tifa perform, drinking and I wont even get started on the excellent food. Kudos to Prudence Simpson and the team at the Jamaica Pegasus, you guys ever miss a beat and continue to be impressive. Click here to check out a video of dancehall artist Tifa’s performace at the tweetup.

Paula Anne Porter-Jones (@jamorning) is a TV and radio personality I have always admired

Perfect Weather

The weather was perfect, the nightsky was clear and the views of Kingston was breathtaking. I couldn’t help but think about my friends and a few of my blog readers who are enduring a snow-filed, ice-cold winter up north. Things may not be perfect here in Jamaica but 99.9% of the time you can count on the weather being perfect.

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yours truly @jamaipanese

Big thanks to fellow photographer and Blogger Stunner aka Joel, hehelpd to inspire me to the top of the the Blue Mountains recently and then manages to take the best looking pictures from the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup – view them all here and like his Facebook page! Check out the #jptweetup hastag for all the happennings related to the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup. Special shout outs to the people I hung out with at the tweet up –  @iriediva @minoramp @stunnerj @gordonswaby @franarexic @AstleyHenry @eimajphoto @Reesy11 @utenjm @harleequinn @ryanmattis @Samudary @iamsbee @VisualEmbrace @Kamal87 @Ishangophotos @sweetpersona @jermaineUtwit and of course @JamaicaPegasus

Linking up with fellow blogger and classmate from my high school days @Samudary


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