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Tweaking and changing things on Jamaipanese.com is a never-ending process especially since converting to WordPress so many moons ago. I haven’t done such drastic changes in a while nor have I updated much on what I have been doing or done for quite a while so why not do so today? ^_^. Check out the changes and new features below and all you RSS feed and email only subscribers who are lurking and have not visited Jamaipanese.com in a  while click here to do so and check out the changes and updates!

New Theme: After a long time searching and fiddling with with dozens of WordPress themes I think I might finally have found a usable theme (at least for now?). Jamaipanese.com is a blog and I update it fairly frequently and my main problem was displaying as many posts as possible including an image without flooding the homepage or losing the “blog” flavour of the site. Design-wise I am told I am a “modern minimalist” as I like things simple, sharp, clean, and functional which might translate to “boring” to some.

Navigation changes: Before I used the different pages of my blog (about, archives, contact etc) as the main navigation for the site. This was a mistake as most of the content of my blog is contained in the different categories (anime, photography, gaming etc) that I’d post in. The categories of Jamaipanese.com now make up the main and more prominent navigation bar.

Mobile version: There is now a mobile friendly version of Jamaipanese.com. So when you visit my blog from your mobile device such as a iPhone the layout of the site is more tailored to a smalls screen and slower connections while still retaining major featured like commenting, while offering the option to switch to the full site if you desire.

Site Loads Faster: You may not notice it but I’ve done some tinkering on the backend, that coupled with the new theme causes the site to load much faster than before.

Experimenting with Ads: I’ve been experimenting with the placing of advertisements on Jamaipanese.com and will continue to do so for a while as I try out different ad networks and shuffle around ads as I try them in different positions.

Social Networking: Traffic from social networks account for a decent chunk of total traffic to Jamaipanese.com especially Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to reweet posts on Jamaipanese.com using the tools provided and if you are not doing so already follow me on twitter, like Jamaipanese.com on Facebook and subscribe to Jamaipanese.com on Youtube.

Custom Smilies: I’ve been using smilies at the end of each post on Jamaipanese.com for a while now and had a custom set done a few years ago that visitors could also use while leaving comments. I have made a few minor changes to a few of the ones available. I am also looking to have a new set done or the current set expanded in the near future so if you or anyone one you know are skilled at illustrating such things let me know!

Featured Topic: From time to time there is a major topic or series of events going on on Jamaipanese.com that I’d like to highlight and make access easy to. To the right of the main navbar is now a featured topic area where new visitors or regulars can easily be in the know or keep up with whats happening now. Right now it is Operation Visit Japan, soon it will be something related to me being in Japan and maybe even future giveaways?

Search: The search field was not not as prominently placed before but now the new theme changes that and puts it at the top of the page, making it easy for visitors to search Jamaipanese.com for whatever topic I might have covered before.

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