Monster Hunter Portable 3rd infects Japan

My first experience with a Monster Hunter game was Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii. A game that I tracked for over a year and salivated over finally being able to play it, because I knew it would be huge in the west. I made numerous blog posts about the game from when I first got it, my first impressions of it when I played it for a few hours and then my eventual review of it. 100+ hours later my interest in Tri has waned but in Japan a PSP version called Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has reignited the flame and it shows no sign of ever going out.

Two million and counting

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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was released in Japan on December 1st 2010 and introduces new regions, monsters, and a revised Felyne combat system.  Huge crowds lined the streets of many popular gaming stores all over Japan on the day it was released and in only 5 days Capcom could boast over 2 million sales. Although there is no word on whether it will be released in the west I’ll have to make this title pass me, but if there is ever another Monster Hunter title released for a console on this side of the pond in the future when I am back from Japan you can bet I’ll be interested. A trailer for the game is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Limited Edition PSP

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A limited edition Japan only PSP-3000 model, dubbed the “Hunters PSP”, was announced at TGS 2010 and was released on December 1st as well.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd official site [Japanese]


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  1. I’m fan of the Monster Hunter series. I have played the first two titles for the ps2 and psp.
    I want to play MGS x MH, Snake cooking steaks is just hilarious.

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