Jamaipanese is now on Instagram!

I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy S4 (more on that later) to replace my now ancient HTC Legend and while going app download crazy over the last few days I discovered that Instagram in now on Android! Why didn’t anyone tell me Instagram was on Android now? I thought you were all my friends! I’ll forgive everyone (but only this time). As a photographer who is used to using bulky DSLR cameras, flashes, backgrounds and expensive photo editing software I have watched cell phone cameras evolve from useless VGA crapshoots to the 13 megapixel, tricked out, multi-functional monster that is on my newly minted Galaxy S4. Other than its zoom potential my cellphone camera makes my secondary camera, a Sony DSC-H9 look like a washed up hasbin; although my Nikon D70, who I like to think of more of a classic than prehistoric is still my primary photographic weapon… especially when I want to impress the geeky ladies. But enough of my blabbering,  Instagram.

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I joined instagram a few days ago and not surprisingly you can find me at instagram.com/jamaipanese. I’m going to be experimenting a lot in the first few weeks but I should be posting at least one photo a day. What kind of photos do you expect to see? My profile description should say it all: “Proud Jamaican and Japan Enthusiast. Blogger, Gamer, Techie, Student and Photographer”, so expect pictures of unicorns, my secret moonbase and my imaginary marriage to Michelle Rodriguez. Don’t miss out Follow me on Instagram now! Who knows maybe if I find your photos interesting I’ll follow you too!


Like any true geek with a power level of over 9000 you can also find me on Twitter @Jamaipanese and if you have’t done so already like the Jamaipanese.com Facebook page.


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  1. I never knew there was an android app! I have a much-adored Samsung Galaxy (older version!) and planned to sign up for Instagram. Will get onto it! Thanks for the information.

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