Solid State Drive upgrade for my aging Gaming PC

I often day-dream about some day owning uber awesome gaming rig complete with $1000 graphics cards, dual 32 inch monitors and a computer chair that beams me into the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom and back at the click of a button. Then I wake up and I look at my current desktop computer at home, sulk, then smile as I remember our 10+ year relationship.


Frank as in Frankenstein

I spent some quality time with my aging desktop computer over the long Easter weekend. It has had many names over the years, from Betsie to Rambo to it’s current name… Frank as in Frankenstein because of the pieced together nature of my rig and the fact that the case is almost perpetually opened so I can poke things if it fails to start or pull it all down and put it back together again if really decides to act up.

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I got a new upgrade for Frank recently- a solid state drive. I attached it over the weekend and now Frank has a little extra pep in his step. Recently, most of my PC time is spent at work (doing mostly work) or on my ultrabook doing school work or projects or watching classic anime. However I do manage to get in a couple hours here and there of gaming goodness – my current primary game being the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic.

Co-operative Wallet

The plan is to upgrade Frank piece by piece over the next few months. The hard drive was super old so that had to go first but next I plan a mobo and memory upgrade, then a processor, then a graphics card! Hopefully my wallet cooperates…

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In case you were wondering the new drive I got is – SanDisk Extreme SSD 120 GB


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