Star Wars: The Old Republic – An Excellent MMO

The last time I blogged about Star Wars: The Old Republic it just over a month since the game launched and it was still very much into its teething stages. 11 months on, 4 major updates and 3 level 50 characters later I am still playing SWTOR although not as often as I used to before starting college in late August. SWTOR has been my primary game for a long time and I thought that now would be a good time to give an update on my experiences in the game and encourage anyone who is thinking about playing to give the game a try.

The latest endgame operation Terror from Beyond is the best one yet

My main is still an urbane Chiss Imperial Agent with the code name “Infidel”. In the months proceeding college life I also managed to level a Sith Juggernaut and a Bounty Hunter to endgame. 75% on my now limited playtime is now spend doing endgame operations or raids or doing player vs player warzones usually to de-stress from long days of work in the daytime and school in the evenings. Below is a video I recorded from my PoV of me and my guild (Pax Imperius) fighting the 1st boss in the most recently added operation/raid/dungeon “Terror From Beyond“, watch in HD if you can.

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I really enjoy my time playing SWTOR and with an active and supportive guild it makes my time now limited time in-game even better. Story is definitely the biggest advantage SWTOR has not only over other MMOs but other games in general. The game has endured some hard times but I really believe it is on the up even with other major MMO releases like Guild Wars 2 and the Mists of Pandaria update of World of Warcraft. If you are a fan of Star Wars, MMOs, RPGs or video games with excellent story I’d recommend you try SWTOR, at the time of this post it is free to play up to level 15 – details here and plans are on the way to make the game free-to-play come the end of November 2012 – details here. If you decide to play, join me! I have now transferred to the server called “The Ebon Hawk” create your character there and get in touch with me via a comment on this post, through the contact form or tweet me @Jamaipanese.

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Hanging out in front of the Karagga the Hutt statue on Nar Shaddaa


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