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My Christmas gift to myself was Star Wars: The Old Republic the new massively multiplayer online role-playing game built by Bioware but set in the well known and loved Star Wars universe. I’ve never been much of a MMORPG player but being the inquisitive gamer I am I have dabbled with a few free and paid ones over the years, the most recent being Rift but I have never continuously played one for more than a month or two before losing interest for various reasons.

Nar Shadaa - the Las Vegas of the Star Wars story

Bioware + Star Wars

With Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) though unlike other MMOs I have tried I was actually connected to and knowledgable of the lore, I am somewhat of a Bioware fanboy having enjoyed other games they have develoepd like Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire. Since the annoucement of SWTOR many years ago I had been steadily absorbing the details and although I was a tad frustrated because it was delayed twice I knew that making a MMO is no simple task. It was one of the 7 games that impressed me post E3 2011

Make fun of my headgear and I will snipe you!

Fully Voiced Characters and Engrossing Story

Late last year I finally got the chance to try out the beta and I loved it. Fully voiced characters in a game of such a grand scale is truly no simple task but Bioware has pulled it off almost perfectly. Each class also has their own story that intertwines flawlessly with the main overall happenings in the game.I’m about a month in and can see myself casually playing this game for as long as it is frequently updated with new content.

My sleek star ship the X-70B Phantom

Jamaipanese the Imperial Agent

So Far I have only played one class in both Beta and since it’s official release – the Imperial Agent. I started out a fresh-faced nobody but after 40 levels of unrelenting service to the empire my proudest achievements are the bodies that that lay behind me and those who grovel before me. The story has truly been the highlight of my experience so far but I have dabbled in a bit of PvP and with the exception of one or two the flashpoints (dungeons) have all been memorable.

Accessible to Casual Players and fans of Star Wars  like me

SWTOR is a good game for MMO junkies, fans of Star Wars and casuals like myself. Playing a MMO doesn’t have to be the time consuming anti-social nightmare than many people think. With a little discipline the game doesn’t have to take over your life. I play on the “Sanctum of the Exalted” server on the Empire side and I am in a cool guild called PAX Imperius. Drop me a message if you plan to play and maybe we can hunt some Jedi together, I’m looking to play through the other storylines with friends if possible.

The capital of the Empire Dromund Kaas