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I really like fun J-Dramas where the characters do fun and crazy stuff, especially when it is out of the norm. Hammer Session is one of those because it definitely goes outside the bounds of what I call a traditional J-Drama.


Imagine a guy who can convince you to do or act just about anyway he wants you to. Well meet Hachisuka Goro, a swindler, he could convince penguins to buy ice and enjoy it. Unfortunately(?) he was caught and on his way to prison with a yakuza guy. However, along the way the various things happened and they escaped. While on the run they ran into, Shiba Yuusei, who was trying to burn down the school he was scheduled to start teaching at the next day. As a matter of course Goro ends up in a situation where he takes Yuusei’s place as a teacher to teach the rowdiest of the students to get them under control using his “Hammer Sessions”. Fun times ensue as he proceeds to fix everyone else’s life, the question is what about his?

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This is Kurosagi meets Gokusen when it comes to problem solving. As a big fan of Gokusen it makes the show very entertaining because some of the antics which are employed from time to time. Overall I generally enjoy high-school shows because they can be so varied in what happens to everyone and this was definitely a good twist on the average high-school drama. I will say the entire series does follow a very predictable overall arc of solving everyones problems then see about the main character, not many don’t do that these days. I do recommend this for those that are fans of Gokusen. As a final note I should mention there is a yakuza and otaku in the show too.

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This is a guest post by my pal Buddy Lindsday from JapanGaku.com. He will be making one guest post per month in 2012. Each blog post will cover a different Japanese Drama or J-drama. Show him your support by leaving a comment if you have seen or want to see any of the J-dramas he blogs about and share this posts with your friends. Look out for many more of his “J-Drama Sundays” posts which will usually be the third Sunday in each month!


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