Post E3 2011: 7 Games that Impressed me

The gamer in me gets giddy each year as I look forward to then be super unproductive during E3. My prolonged stay in the gaming wilderness continues as it’s sad I have yet to play one single game I raved about at last year’s E3. This is mainly because of my saving for Japan and a myriad of other expenses I fight off monthly but I look forward to rekindling my ailing  gaming flame this Christmas if my wallet and gift giving friends and family members cooperate.  So last time I made the list before E3, this time I’m making it afterwards, below are the games that I am most fond of, check ’em out and leave a comment telling me if you are also looking forward to any of these games or about any other game you saw at E3 2011 that rocks your socks.

  • Tomb Raider

Gamers in my age group all love Lara Croft, I have only played a handfull of the games but I am watched her rise from the days of the original Playstation to almost gorging out my eyes after watching the movies staring Angelina Jolie. In 2011 Lara is back, but she is younger, grittier and it wonderful Hi Def goodness. Definitely a game to watch in the future. – Official Website

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I have played my fair share of RPGs in my time but althought I didn’t get to the end of it I enjoyed a short fling with a previous Elder Scrolls game (Morrowind) many years ago that left me wishing I could play another game in the series again. The gaming gods have answered my prayers and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has everything a fantasy RPG heart could desire, including DRAGONS! – Official Website

  • Twisted Metal

This made my pre E3 2010 last year and my has things gotten more awesome in the past year. Lots of trailers and info including gamplay featuring a boss and some of the weapons in the game. Finally after Twisted Metal Black I’ll have another reason to blow up my friends, so what if the story is crappy… – Official Website

  • Dark Souls

A game I had never heard of before E3 that from the gameplay demos really blew my mind. It promises to be difficult and unforgiving with epic bosses and different classes with different play styles including some interesting online components. It’s from a Japanese game studio, I wonder if I should pick up the Japanese version and make it a learning experience? – Official Website

  • Dead Island

Zombies! How can you not like them? Well not like them like them, more like want to kill them before they kill you! So from the trailer I can see that the protagonist attends a party of some tropical island, gets drunk, falls alseep and wakes up to see zombies everywhere! Reminds me of Left 4 Dead but so much more interesting and graphically gorgeous (read lots of gore). – Official Website

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Usually I am immune to all the bullshit game developers say when they try to hype you up about their game, but with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning it seems the developers have read my mind or at least share my thoughts about why does RPG combat have to be so crappy? It’s either hack and slash, boring turn based battles and a generic system that you grow tired of but push on with because of you interest in the overall game. Reckoning’s battle system is wicked awesome, I can’t even explain, check out the trailer below. – Official Website

  • Star Wars the Old Republic

Another game that was on my list last year that keeps getting delayed but holds my interest just because with each bit of information, trailer or reveal I am reminded why I want to play this game so much. Plus it’s from Bioware, those guys really know how to get you lost in a story, and there are few stories as interesting as Star Wars, I just hope they release the damn thing already. – Official Website