Help me Rediscover my Anime Mojo

I’ve barely watched any anime in at almost two years. I can’t put my finger on the one singular reason why instead I think it is a combination of reasons. From my seasonal anime previews and reviews of the past I used to check out at least the first couple episodes of most of the new anime that caught my eye then settle on at least three shows I’ll watch through he end. It came to a point where I think the quality of the new anime shows started to wane. The number, variety and originality of the action, adventure, mecha and comedy anime I liked plummeted and while I occasionally stepped outside my favourite genres and enjoying a few series like the first season of K-ON! I got tired off all the anime set at a school or “inspired by previous anime or works.
valkyria chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles
The result? A long period where I have gone anime-less, instead picking up rewatching old anime classics and more american TV hows like the Walking Dead, Falling Skies and Alphas. However, I am now ready to step back into the anime sphere – to rediscover my anime mojo as the title of this blogpost suggests. I have taken a look at the anime from Fall 2012 and from watching trailers and reading plot descriptions I will be checking out a couple over the next week or two. They are:
  • Robotics;Notes
  • Btooom!
  • Code: Breaker
  • Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Anybody seen any of these anime? Without spoilers please share your thoughts on them by leaving a comment or tweeting me @Jamaipanese. I’m also open to your suggestions on series to watch. Some of my favourite anime that i blogged about here include:

10 thoughts on “Help me Rediscover my Anime Mojo

  1. Same here!
    I haven’t watched anything in over 2 years, I think.
    One of the last things I watched was “Katekyo Hitman Reborn”, really loved it.
    I used to be a HUGE fan of “Fullmetal Alchemist”.
    Haven’t gotten a chance to watch “Brotherhood”, but I’d love to.
    Just too busy at the moment.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Mecha, and Sci Fi anime, but right now I’m watching something new-ish called Toriko – The Gourmet Hunter! It’s about a big, muscular fellow that travels around the world with his meek chef sidekick hunting for the most delicious (and Dangerous) food to add to the ultimate menu! It’s pretty out there, but for some reason I really like it and you should check it out. I’m also a fan of two current cartoon action series’ One of them, Tron: Uprising, is from Disney and is very anime-ish! The other is Green Lantern – The Animated Series which is a CGI series I believe is on The Cartoon Network,
    You mention in your list that you really enjoyed Guardian of the Spirit, Have you ever watched Samurai Champloo? If you haven’t then you should definately check that out. It’s old, but it’s VERY good!

    1. wait a minute I know Toriko! I used to read the manga and watched the first episode of it a while back. I need to pick that one back up.

      I have watched Samurai Champloo, many moons ago though, I think it deserves a revisit ;)

      Thank you for your recommendations!

  3. I’d suggest Zetsuen no Tempest as well. Its about midway through the second season now, so its an easy catchup.

  4. I’m not a big fan of subbed anime, but since you seem to be, I would also recommend Zetsuen No Tempest: The Civilization Blaster & Btooom! I’ve only watched one episode of each, but they both looked REALLY good! Also check out the anime movie Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, and I recently watched the movie Children Who Chase Lost Voices and I really enjoyed it!

  5. I used to be fairly into anime in high school and part of college, but, like you, I really haven’t watched it much in a while. For some reason, it seems like the “same old” over and over again. The same thing happened with me with fantasy novels — I haven’t read one since early college, even though I was obsessed with them before.

    I’m not sure what it is — I might just be turning into my mom. She likes mysteries, and I’ve been into them ever since graduation.

    But, anyway, some anime that I did watch relatively recently and enjoyed were Monster and High School of the Dead. If you like (admitted somewhat violent) thrillers/mysteries, I’m fairly certain you’ll like these, if you haven’t already watched them. I get the impression they are fairly famous, so apologies if I’m preaching to the choir ^^;;

  6. You should check out Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousake It’s about a guy with ESP that uses his powers to save others like him! It’s really new, but I’ve seen the first seven episodes online.

  7. just found this anime… looks really good… Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?…. three espers transported to another world… its a twist on alice in wonderland… yes there have been a couple of those but this one looks interesting… [anime]

  8. I know this isn’t a new anime but it is one of my favourite. It has a unique premise with loveable characters, lots of action and comedy. And with a plot line that will boggle the mind.
    Baccano is its name.

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