Today marks 7 Years of Blogging on

Seven years go today I made my first post on, young and bright-eyed, excited about studying a foreign language and exploring a fascinating culture. Fast forward to today, at this very moment, I am not as immature but still entranced by Japan while busy living a good life in Jamaica. Blogging is more than just a simple hobby now and although there are so many different things competing for my time and attention I can’t survive for long without updating my tiny slice of the interwebs.


Be Positive

The last year has been a year of achievements in my life, both professionally and personally. Some things easy identifiable while most not so much. I’ve spent most of the year focusing on transferring ideas from my mind into reality, laying the foundations for future success and focusing on what is relevant and positive.

Be Grateful remains as a major priority even after starting college while still working full-time  Being honoured at the Jamaica Blog Awards with a Personal Achievement Award for Excellence in Blogging has blown new winds in my sail and I look forward to another year of milestones and achievements. As usual thank you to all my readers, the new ones and the veterans I could not have been blogging this long without your support.