Gundam Themed Hotel Rooms

It is a good time to be a Gundam fan – Life-sized Gundam standing in Tokyo, a Gundam Cafe, Gundam Phone, Gundam Plane and a Gundam Museum, the only things is missing is… Gundam themed hotel rooms! The geniouses and the Grand Pacific Le Daiba which is described as a City Resort Hotel in Tokyo Daiba. It is the best hotel for the enjoyment of going sightseeing and shopping near Fuji Television Network and the Big site.

For ¥27,000 you can stay in a room filled with Gundam related ornaments, paintings, figures, illustrations, fixtures, fittings – just about everything you can think of has been “Gundamized” from the toilet to the door-nob to the phone to the view from the window! Take a look at the video embedded below.

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