Gundam Themed Hotel Rooms

It is a good time to be a Gundam fan – Life-sized Gundam standing in Tokyo, a Gundam Cafe, Gundam Phone, Gundam Plane and a Gundam Museum, the only things is missing is… Gundam themed hotel rooms! The geniouses and the Grand Pacific Le Daiba which is described as a City Resort Hotel in Tokyo Daiba. It is the best hotel for the enjoyment of going sightseeing and shopping near Fuji Television Network and the Big site.

For ¥27,000 you can stay in a room filled with Gundam related ornaments, paintings, figures, illustrations, fixtures, fittings – just about everything you can think of has been “Gundamized” from the toilet to the door-nob to the phone to the view from the window! Take a look at the video embedded below.

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8 thoughts on “Gundam Themed Hotel Rooms

  1. Heh, reminds me of the hotel resorts at Disney World. Some of them have themes based around movies and such.

    Have you watched much Gundam, Kirk? Personally never got into any of the series myself.

    1. My favourite Gundam series is Gundam Wing. I also enjoyed Gundam 00 and a few of the other series in bits and pieces so yes, I would call myself a fan of Gundam

  2. I think I would die if I stayed at a bleach themed room. Never been a real big fan of gundam except their model sets are pretty fun to put together.

  3. My room has the theme of being a library of antique British comics and adventure books. It’s getting so you can see more books than wall XD.
    Anywayyyy, is the life-sized Gundam back in Tokyo at the moment? And will it be there in late September?

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