My 10 Favourite Game of Thrones Characters from Season 2

So what if my blog is primarily about life in Jamaica and my love of Japan. It’s been a few weeks since the end of season 2 of Game of Thrones and I am now suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal syndrome. Season 1 was good, season 2 was even better and season 3 can’t start soon enough. I’m one of those people who knew nothing about A Song of Ice and Fire – a book series written by American novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin but anything well done that is set in medival fantasy setting punctuated by kings, knights, magic, a thick plot, unadulterated sex and graphic violence is aimed directly at me. From looking at the awesome Japanese covers for the Game of Thrones Books, maybe one day I’ll be able to read them in Japanese?

My 10 favourite Characters, Please share yours!

In an effort to ease my Game of Thrones withdrawal syndrome I have compiled a quick list of my 10 favourite game of Thrones Characters from season two, Warning a few SPOILERS are present. Leave a comment, or hit me up on Twitter @Jamaipanese or on the Facebook Page and share your own favourite characters as well as why you like (or dislike) Game of Thrones.

Jaqen’s story developed well in the background but was very interesting
  • Jaqen H’ghar – Starts the season as a prisoner but develops an unexpected relationship with Arya that by the time he makes his final appearance in season two has most viewers (myself included) shitting bricks.
  • Hodor – The gentle giant and servant to the Stark family Hodor may only be ale to say one word – “Hodor” but if I wrote these damn books it would end with him sitting on the iron throne that everyone is killing themselves and ther neighbours over.
  • Sandor Clegane – He is one of those characters that I’d love to learn more about. He kills without mercy, is feared by all but at the same time is afraid of fire. His scene during the Battle fo Blackwater literally had me on the floor laughing – “^%@$ the King’s Guard, %@#& the City, ^%*# the King” –
I thought Wildlings were supposed be ugly morbid humans
  • Ygritte – She may have played a minor role but it was enough to make a lasting impression on me and I am sure many other viewers. Her constant taunting of Jon Snow are some of the most enjoyable lines and scenes in season 2.
  • Stannis – In a dreamworld, if I had to choose one of the Kings I’d fight for, there is a big chance I’d choose, Stannis. Not liked by many, not a renowned warrior and as dull as a doornob but the first guy to jump off a boat in a burning bay to attack a 50 foot wall spitting arrows at you – now that is what you call a worthy king.
  •  Tyrion – The star of season 2 in my eyes Tyrion controls every scene he is a part of. He may be half a man but he proves that his brain is well developed time and time again, it will be interesting to see how his story develops.
I wish Dany would threaten to take what is mine with Fire and Blood…
  • Daenerys Targaryen – So sweet and innocent at first she has grown into quite the beauty with a sharp tongue that when riled will almost always threaten certain death “when her dragons are grown.” There is something about a bossy beauty that sets my geeky heart on fire.
  • Varys – A renouned spymaster in service to the current King and the 2 before him, Varys knows about all that happens not only in Kings landing but also in Westeros and across the narrow sea – too bad the poor guy lost his balls…
  • Joffrey – The young King EVERYONE hates, Tyrion may have smacked him around a bit but I like his character and the way he is portrayed by the actor who I think is very talented. Its funny how he went from the fearless King leading his men into battle one minute then ran to his mother at the first sign of danger.
A fierce warrior on the battlefield but ultimately falls to a powerful foe…
  • Robb Stark – The eldest of the Stark sibblings Robb has gone from clinging at his father’s coattail in season 1 to a mostly successful war against his enemies. Although he was raised well and groomed for leadership he proves that he is still very inexperienced with much to learn.
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6 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Game of Thrones Characters from Season 2

  1. “…maybe one day I’ll be able to read them in Japanese?”
    Aww, that’s not the attitude to have. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to read them in Japanese! :D Say, are you still studying Japanese at the moment?

  2. 10. Shae
    She’s witty, strong and independent, yet she’s faithful to Tyrion (They’re my fav couple)
    9.Talisa Maegyr (I know she wasn’t in the book)
    She’s smart. (Even though Robb’s dumb to marry her) She’s smart.
    8. Cersei Lannister
    She’s so power hungry it’ fascinating! I don’t think I like her in a “I want to be like her” kind of way, I just like seeing her make plans, work around them and avoid self-destruction.
    7. Catelyn Stark
    She’s an awesome mom and I she raised awesome kids. She would’ve been higher on my list if she didn’t get so over-protective in the end.
    6. Jaqen H’ghar
    …He’ just badass.
    5. Tywin Lannister
    In my opinion he’s the most fascinating character this season his final scenes? AMAZING! He’s gonna make the next season interesting. Season 2 was for Arya + Tywin, I imagine Season 3 will be a power struggle between Tywin + Cersei.
    4. Tyrion Lannister
    It was interesting to watch him go from caring about alcohol+women+books, interesting mix I must say, to caring about the family name and the well being of King’s Landing. Last episode? I wanted to give him a big hug.
    3. Bran Stark
    I just LOVED the way Bran took over Winterfell and ruled like an actual King. Even though it was short lived, he was great! Who knew a boy would be the man?
    2. Ayra Stark
    Her wit and skills were amazing man! Everyday she was faced with death and the wrong move, word even gesture would’ve given her away. She’s just… AWESOMAZING!
    1.Jon Snow
    Ok, I must admit I like him because he’s hot ._.
    Haha that and the way he pulled away from his [broken] family to make a life and name of his own. I must admit at first I thought he was just being rebellious but now he’s so brave, headstrong, admirable…and hot ._.

    (P.S.: Sorry for the long comment. I can talk about this show for hours)

  3. Some solid picks. I haven’t gotten around to watching Season 2 yet, but from the books I remember thinking Tyrion, Robb, and John were pretty cool. Don’t remember how big a role he has at that point, but Jaime had some awesome scenes, too.

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