From the Archives – June 2012 is quite the old timer in blogging years. Since my first post in February 2006 – I have made hundreds of posts since covering a myriad of topics related my life in Jamaica and love for Japan. Occasionally I like to delve into my own archives to read through posts made many moons ago to refresh memories and even understand my state of mind (and immaturity) at the time. As a blogger I like it when what I have written is read, even if it is not appreciated or liked, so I have decided that I will start publishing a new feature every other month or so that features interesting posts from the archives that longtime readers will no doubt remember and new readers can get the opportunity to discover.

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Japan an Illustrated History

My favourite book providing easy to read and understand general knowledge on the history and culture of Japan. I bought Japan an Illustrated History to rediscover my reading mojo while learning more about the real Japan from the past. Still a highly recommended book.

@jamaipanese Tweet cloud back in February 2009

Back in the day before Twitter was cool it was the place for tech savvy (read geeks). Many years and 16000 tweets later I am still on Twitter. It is interesting how the service has transformed since the beginning and while my tweeting has slowed recently it is one of those online services I use just about every day.

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This is the kind of quirky primetime programming that will only attract a small but dedicated crowd. I Survived a Japanese Game Show is an award winning American reality show. Ten Americans from all over the country leave the United States and arrive in Japan where they compete in a crazy Japanese style game show where the winner goes home with US $250,000 and the honour of saying “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”. Would you survive a Japanese game show?


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  1. Ah! Thanks for (re-)mentioning the Illustrated History of Japan book. I’ve been looking more deeply into cultural Japan but haven’t found any good scholarly leads outside of the net. Ordering it ASAP ^.^ [japan]

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