My Twitter Experience as a Blogger

Wikipedia describes Twitter as a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. I joined Twitter almost 2 years ago at I wasn’t a big fan at first. I thought it was a gimmick like 9 in every 10 new “web 2.0” service websites that I either didn’t find useful personally or  couldn’t use properly because it was made with only North American or European users in mind and it would soon fade into oblivion.

Mash-up made from my tweet cloud using Tweetstats and Wordle

After a year on Twitter I had amassed a whopping 8 tweets and 2 followers but wondered why there was still so much buzz around the service and at the urging of a few friends (mostly fellow bloggers) I decided reluctantly to put some effort into tweeting. So for the next few months I made a few updates but to my surprise I starting enjoying Twitter to the point now where it is one of my favourite social networking sites because there is great emphasis on being “social” and “networking” in the true meaning of the words.

Twitter = Social Networking

I have met and/or developed relationships with many persons on Twitter and as a serious blogger this is very important. Twitter has allowed me to extend my profile as a blogger and expose my site, brand and personality to a whole new set of readers who share my interests. My profile on Twitter slowly evolved  to reflect my interests and I don’t see how I could stop using the service, thats something big to say from someone like me who grows bored of most things quite easily.

Tips for Bloggers Just starting out on Twitter

  • If you enjoy blogging you will enjoy Twitter
  • You don’t have to have a popular blog to use Twitter effectively
  • Be sure to upload a cool but relevant avatar
  • Be sincere about your interests or else tweeting will become a chore
  • Do not force yourself to update your twitter page
  • Read about and learn to use Twitter properly
  • try to respond to most if not all @ tweets
  • Do not overload your tweets with frequent links
  • Promote (but not spam) your Twitter page
  • Read the Bio of your followers and visit their blogs (if they have one)
  • *will insert more tips over time ^^*

My Twitter Profile

I purposefully didn’t link to my Twitter profile till now but if you like this post or share and interest in anime, Japan, Jamaica, Japanese dramas, sports, technology, movies, TV shows, figures, science or any other geeky or otaku topic feel free to follow Jamaipanese on Twitter. From my tweetcloud mash-up above you can see some on the things I tweet about.

My first tweet was “eating dinner and watching anime”, what was, is or will be yours? See you in the Twitterverse.


update: My Twitter Pal David from Shack in Japan loved this post so much he linked to it from his similar article – Trying to articulate why Twitter rocks so hard. Check it out!