Bolt vs Phelps – IOC and Media Reactions

I remember clearly the tornado of controversy that was stirred up when Usain Bolt set fire to the bird’s nest in China with record breaking runs at the Olympics last year. Many accused him of being “disrespectful” to his fellow athletes, some alleged that his early pull up in the 100m was “financially motivated” and the performance enhancement speculation continue to swirl. Despite all that however Usain Bolt has emerged from Beijing a superstar and the only comparable performance to his at the games was the equally impressive performance of American swimmer Micheal Phelps in the pool.

A Jamaica Observer cartoon on the Micheal Phelps vs Usain Bolt double standard

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Micheal has been hot water recently however when a photo emerged of him smoking marijuana, but can you imagine the tidal wave of controversy that would have erupted if the poster boy athlete in that photograph was Jamaica’s Usain Bolt?

Mr Phelps has summed it up as “regretable behaviour” but the response of the International Olympic Comittee, sponsors  and international media has been something of an eye opener with the IOC stating it was confident Phelps would learn from his “inappropriate behavior” and continue to serve as a role model.

I am not bitter but am I wrong to feel the IOC and world media would have made a meal of this if it was Bolt?

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6 thoughts on “Bolt vs Phelps – IOC and Media Reactions

  1. yes they would have made a mountain out of a mole hill I think they were jealous of Bolt

    Jamaican Princess

  2. This isn’t the first time for Phelps either. I believe I remember he got picked up for drunk driving shortly after the 2004 Olympics too… :(

  3. LOL, That comic is funny even though it’s the truth. We would never hear the end of it if it was Bolt. They would be calling for his head.

  4. As with the furour around Usain in Beijing, I don’t see the need for all the quarrelling. So the guy had a bong of a time; how many people do? And if it wasn’t some enhancement drug for his performance I don’t see why the IOC is to be involved. By they it has come to my attention after reading the incident report that the fellow who got the ‘pot’ testified to the sheriff that he got some good Jamaican ganja from some fellow somewhere and Mike insisted on sharing in the goodies. Well at least we know he seems to have the taste for only the best.

  5. I’m a great fan of both of them, and watching their feats live was an amazing experience. However, I must say that Bolt’s was even more amazing, seeing someone so confident on his own skill. If you think about it twice, maybe he did it unconsciously. There’s a split second difference between winning or losing, so I don’t think he actually calculated all that so that he could both break the World Record and break it again later. Maybe that’s how it is, period.

    Anyway I still get the goosebumps when I see the video of Usain Bolt running. Jamaica banzai! ^^

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