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I continue to be stuck in my Japanese learning rut. Work, life, procrastination and indiscipline battle my every attept to stick to a Japanese learning and practice schedule which has forced me to trying different ways to retain the little Japanese I know while slowly incorporating new Japanese words and phrases into my minuscule Japanese vocabulary. One of those very basic or what I like to call “foundation tools” is a new Google Chrome extension I found a few weeks ago called Japanese Kana.

I spend on average about 10 hours a day in front a computer screen doing tasks related to my job, and hobbies such as photography, gaming and my regular web browsing addiction, um I mean habit. Japanese Kana is a Chrome extension, my most used application on the various computers I use by a very large margin.

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Japanese Kana is a simple to use extension that teaches users about Hiragana and Katakana. Although I no problems with hiragana, I regret to admit that Katakana is still a little troublesome for me and this tool is perfect for those looking to learn and/or practise kana. Check it out in the Chrome Web Store and leave a comment with your thought on it or any other Kana or general Japanese learning tool you use regularly.

Below is a video I whipped up showing Japanese Kana in action. Grab Japanese Kana on the Google Web Store here.


3 thoughts on “Japanese Kana – Google Chrome Extension

  1. Keep at it, and try to read. I found that for years after learning katakana, they still came to me more slowly than hiragana and many kanji when reading (still do sometimes). Just gotta get used to seeing the a lot and in natural contexts so that your brain can process them more quickly.

  2. Wow, thanks for this, Kirk! I’m also still having trouble with my katakana รขโ‚ฌโ€œ mostly due to my extreme procrastination… and this might also be just enough of a push to get back on Chrome, I’ve been using Safari for the past year or more. I just got used to it. But Chrome is a very good browser as well and I used to use it for years.

  3. Have you checked out rikaikun for chrome? it sounds like a good addon in addition to this one. It gives the definition for kanji and words with multiple kanji.

    The easiest way I retained the katakana and hiragana is just take the 5 for each consinant and just keep writing those over like twice a day and when you get to the end you just write them all out at least once a day. There are a few katakana that still get me though.

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