Japan Snippet – Osaka Skyline from the Floating Garden

One of my few regrets related to my trip to Japan last year was that I didn’t get the opportunity to spend more time in Osaka. Historically the commercial centre of Japan it has been eclipsed in the eyes of many by Tokyo in recent decades but every Jamaican or Japanese person I spoke to about Osaka had nothing but good things to say about the city and surrounding areas. I did indeed enjoy my brief 6 hour stay in Osaka as I tried to adsorb as much as I could after visiting Nara, Kyoto and Nagoya then jumping off my Bullet Train to enjoy a short visit while on my way back to Yokohama. That short visit was not enough and now when I think of my next trip to Japan I have promised myself to experience and explore Osaka more and at a less frantic pace.

One thought on “Japan Snippet – Osaka Skyline from the Floating Garden

  1. Goodness, what a view! Seems like yesterday you were in Japan and I can only imagine the first initial feeling you had while you were there, the sensations and the sights. Those are vibrant memories you will never lose. Thank you for sharing this with us, the readers.

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