Astro A10 Gaming Headset

The last gaming headset I bought and blogged about was the Kotion Each G4000 – a $25 dollar powerhouse that I was very satisfied with. Fast forward almost 2 years and my poor G4000 is becoming battle worn. My move from Jamaica to Japan and the difficulties it endured in my luggage caused me to look to replace it at least for my console gaming needs. I am still without a PC and I really wanted to do a video about the Astro A10 Gaming Headset with this post as I did with the Kotion Each G4000 but cant so sadly just a post will have to do.

My changing design tastes

The move from a $25 to a $60 gaming headset is significant in terms of design, build and sound quality. Where for former headsets have been loud with various markings and lights my new Astro A10 is sleek and refined. Maybe its my age so my tastes are changing but I really love the design of the Astro A10. The durability is what sold me on this headset though and after my own testing I know it can survive the punishment.

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A10 is Better in every way

Overall the mic is better, the sound is better, it’s more durable with a better design – I would have rather I spent less but I am very satisfied with what I got for the price. My PS4 gaming sessions just got a lot better with me now having the ability to party chat and comment when streaming on my gaming channel.