Ghost of Tsushima announced for PS4

Paris Games Week is a lesser known video game event (at least by me) but has dropped some gaming news bombs recently. There are many but the one that has floated to the very top for me is Ghost of Tsushima – an open-world game set in medieval Japan during the first Mongol Invasion. Check out the trailer below.

It goes without saying with my obvious Japan biases that I am VERY EXCITED to play this game which will be released exclusively for the PS4. A brand new IP, open-world, samurai, ninjas and a dark gritty look? Yes please! I’ll be following this one like a hawk in the coming months and will definitely be streaming it on my gaming channel.

Were there any games you say and got excited about at PGW 2017? If yes leave a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanse

via Playstation Blog