Yendi Phillipps – Miss Universe 2010 photos

Honestly I am not a fan of beauty pageants, so when my twitter timeline got infested with Miss Universe tweets I wasn’t a happy lad. However when I realized that Jamaica’s representative Yendi Phillipps was doing well I promptly jumped unto the Miss Universe bandwagon as I had already been a Yendi Phillipps fan from her Miss World 2007 run. Congrats to Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete for winning the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant!

Yendi Phillips

Yendi Phillipps did Jamaica proud once again and placed 2nd or 1st runner up. It was a nail-biting roller coaster ride especially after she made it into the top 5. So in celebration of Yendi’s second place finish I present to you a couple photos of her from the Miss Universe contest, a few nosebleed inducing ones in the lot so enjoy.

awesome swimsuit and body paint
the photographer in me loves this portrait
my favorite shot of Yendi from the set
mmmmmmm nice skiiiiinnnnn
I wouldn't be Jamaipanese if I didn't sneak in Miss Universe Japan - Maiko Itai

More contestants, information and galleries over at the official Miss Universe 2010 website.

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      1. lol same here :) That’s my general impression of the pageants. Yes, they’re certainly beautiful, but I’ve seen many girls who are as pretty, both models and random dames on the streets.

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