Jamaipanese now using Formspring

Formspring.me is a simple and easy to use questions and answers website. It allows users to ask questions to other users and/or respond to questions posted to them. It is a site I have known about for a little while now but decided to join recently after realizing it could be a useful resource for me to get in contact with some blog readers, get an idea of what they are thinking and easily answer any questions they might have. Persons already following me on Twitter would have heard my Formspring related rambles or the past week or so and many of them have responded by asking me about 50 questions so far which I have mostly answered.

GN-X III will be screening my questions so you better not try any funny business

Open Invitation

I enjoyed answering many of them so I thought I’d make a general blog post inviting persons are not on twitter but who follow my blog to ask me whatever questions you might have. Just don’t ask ’em all at once as apparently we gave the service indigestion when the first wave of questions came barreling in. My profile can be found here. Questions can be asked anonymously and you don’t have to sign up for a Formspring account to ask but I’d love it if you signed up and asked so I can know where the questions coming from and ask you any questions I might have. As expected a few wonky questions have come in that I have ignored and given to GN-X III as target practice.

Wonky question senders will be tracked and dealt with by Yoko

Formspring can be useful

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Since joining Formspring the friend find feature has allowed to stalk, um I mean, “find” a couple of my fellow blogger pals, tweeps, yardies and servants of Gaia. Listed the most active random few I could find below:

  • Yonasu
  • Shey
  • dacoolkidsean
  • Extrange
  • gmanreviews
  • JIDMike

What are you waiting for?

Is this a temporary faze? maybe. Will I grow tired of Formspring soon? maybe. Will I continue to enjoy it and answer questions while I find it interesting? Sure! So what are you waiting for? Ask me anything.