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I’ve not been watching much anime lately which might be a combination of there being less interesting anime, having less time to watch anime and growing bored of the usual shows like Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. There are few ongoing series that I up super excited about and can’t go too long without watching, One being Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector. It’s winter time again (in the upper hemisphere) and that means new anime, but this time around I am hard pressed to find a handful of series I think is worth watching and I am interested in hearing via comments if anyone reading this series begs to differ.

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A action, mystery and horror anime to be animated by an excellent studio and based on a light novel and set in a European setting in the early 20th century. Not too fond of the dark loli co-lead but I really believe this series might surprise me if the action, story, mystery, music and setting is right. I’ll be watching the first episode this weekend.


The Wolverine and Iron Man anime were announced at the same time via trailers and the Iron Man anime has now come and gone (will write about it soon) and now it’s Wolverine’s turn. To say it honestly I am holding my breath, closing one eye and holding unto my chair’s armrest tightly before clicking the play button on this series. Do you think I will be pleasantly surprised?

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I have been there the entire list of series premiering this winter including trailers and man am I disappointed. Maybe i’ll use the free time in my anime watching schedule to catch up on past series.

Winter 2011 series list here


13 thoughts on “Interesting Winter 2011 Anime

  1. I’ve been kind of bummed with the anime lately too. I got so tired of Bleach and how long the story was taking to develop that I just stopped watching it, even though it’s supposedly near the end of the original story arc now.

    That Gosick thing looks interesting. There’s another one called Yumekui Merry I’m going to try out too. Not sure if either will be any good though.

    I’m also still hoping to see more translated episodes of Broken Blade. It’s like no one bothered to fansub them past episode 2, even though the raws are available. Fail.

      1. Just to update, Yumekui Merry looks really damn cool after watching the first episode. The music is good too.

        Gosick, on the other hand, made me want to slap myself for wasting the time to download and watch the portion of it I was able to sit through.

        1. Yumekui Merry was surprisingly good. I especially like the art direction.

          Gosicks art was pretty good as well but it didn’t seem that interesting. I’ll give the arc a try but it looks like it will be dropped.

          1. Ya. The art in Yumekui Merry is really outstanding. I love the gritty feel.

            Got another one for you guys too:

            “Kore wa zombie desu ka”.

            It’s really funny!

  2. Fractale – This is a wild card no one knows what it will be like. But I have a feeling it will be great.

    GoSick – Demon looking thing was enough to convince me.

    Hourou Musuko – I have to see how AIC does an anime about Transsexuals.

    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – The Chibi’s won me over.

    Dragon Crisis – The Art looks nice and I’m a sucker for anything with a dragon.

    Freezing – “I’m all about high school shows with students living a double life as professional killers. So yes!”

    IS: Infinite Stratos – Pretty girls and mechs

    Rio: Rainbow Gate! – I’ll give it a shot just for the fanservice.

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – I like slice of life stuff. This might be slice of life but it’s shaft so it might suck too.

    I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother! I used english because the Japanese text is far longer. I emjoyed “My sister” to a point so I think I’ll give this a try.

    Level E – I anticipate a melted brain as I try and figure out what the heck is going on.

    1. Just watched the first episode of Level-E. I like it. The drawing style is different from most of what’s out there right now. There’s no fan service that I can see. It’s relying on having a real plot to keep people’s attention. That’s a nice change of pace.

      1. That’s because the art style is a decade old. XD

        Level E was created in the mid-90’s. So it’s a 90’s art style but with contemporary techniques.

  3. Fractale

    Just finished this a minute ago and all I have to say is “WOW!” it felt like I was watching a Miyazaki film. It’s go superb direction, writing and music. This is easily my favourite.

    Fractale is a perfect Fantasy/Sci-Fi anime about.. uhm.. a boy, a girl… and that’s all I got.. Not much happens in the first episode but it was so good it left me speachless. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. ^_^;

    GOSICK – Pronounced with all the long sounds the title almost sounds like GOTHIC. With that aside there really is anything interesting here except for maybe a Loli-Goth rolling around with a Tobacco Pipe.

    Hourou Musuko

    This is a story of an 11 year-old boy who like to girl’s clothing. Yes, it sounds like a comedy but it’s far from it. Wandering Son approaches everything slowly and carefully this applies to everything from the subject matter to the art direction and music the result is a hardcore slice of life Anime wrapped in marshmallow that is cuddly and fluffy and makes me want to eat it. ._.

    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

    A guy is murdered and then gets resurrected by a necromancer. So now he is a zombie. His favorite hangout is a graveyard which apparently feels rather homely there he runs in to a Magical Girl who murders him once more. Then he somehow steals the Magical Girls powers and becomes one himself short skirt and all. Talk about shitty luck.

    It was “wtf?” hilarious, meaning you really had no idea what was going to happen next and hopefully it stays that way and does’nt degenerate into a battle anime.

    Dragon Crisis

    A boy, a girl, another girl, and a dragon girl, insert doujin fodder situations and youl get a very generic Anime. Nothing really stands out except for the great music. Since there wasn’t anything actually bad about this I’ll give it a few more episodes.

    Freezing –

    While watching this I couldn’t tell if the creator wanted to make some serious but was forced to put in the fap fodder girls or wanted to just draw fap fodder girls and was forced to make a story.

    Either way we now have girls with huge tits, giant evangelion like monsters, weapons, tons of blood, dismembermant, a weird 4:3 aspect ratio and no censors. I think I’ll stick around and watch this for awhile.. >_>

    IS: Infinite Stratos

    One sole boy at an all-girl school whose ultimate goal is to turn them all into powered suit pilots. Sadly after two episodes that’s all there really is to say about it. The battles looks flashy and well done and doesn’t look lit was CGI-ed to death. I can’t tell if it’s going to be good or bad yet since nothing has really happened.

    Rio: Rainbow Gate!
    Rio is character from gambling machine game called Pachinko. There making anime around her character. In the Anime she’s the star dealer at Howard’s Casino Resort who sweats opiates and is a living good luck charm. The plot driver is that she’s one of the 9 holders of a card that says your one of the best dealers in the world and they go around battling each other for the cards.

    It doesn’t make any sense no one expected it to ,but apparently the storyboard writer did.

    itsuki_Imazaki: Ah, epis­ode 2 of Rio has already star­ted. I’m wor­ried about it…
    itsuki_Imazaki: Looks like it’s mostly rever­ted to the ori­ginal scen­ario.
    itsuki_Imazaki: It doesn’t make any sense in that dir­ec­tion.
    itsuki_Imazaki: What the hell is this? I’m vir­tu­ally not respons­ible for this.
    itsuki_Imazaki: Stop using my story­board sporadically…

    This is nothing but fanservice and flashy casino themed battles. 2 episode have already aired so one more before I decide on if to drop it.

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

    A girl gets trapped in an acid trip and gets magical powers. I’m not kidding that’s what really happens. It’s got a really high production values and lesbian innuendo the later of which is all I need to keep watching. Not like I have a choice anyway since my sister is watching this as well.

    I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother!

    Nao loves her brother, not the he’s her brother, she can count him and all that family bond stuff, but the love that makes someone want to rape another in their sleep. But it turns out her brother is just as big of a pervert. But then you ask yourself “Wait there related that’s incest right?” then it answers that question and throws that taboo out the window.

    This so far has the lowest production quality and isn’t really anything special except having ridiculously thin character design. It doesn’t feel like I can pass judgement after a single episode. Will watch a few more but not really looking forward to it.

    Level E
    A guy, a girl, an alien, and a parrot?

    An alien crash lands on earth and breaks into a guys apartment the guy acidentally self destructs the aliens spaceship. The alien then blackmails him into letting him stay. Oh and I forgot to mention the alien has Hippie Powers.
    It’s a funny original story with a great op and made me have a weird moment. The ending has video with a timestamp that was the current date I was watching it.

    Definitely watching this one to the end.

  4. Have you watched Gosick? I think its pretty awesome. It has a Holmes/Watson-esque type feel. I actually like the goth-loli look but that really just plays on the back burner for the whole story. I’m sure you heard of the big news with Fractale with it not running and now its running again. I had not started watching it but due to the big drama about it; I think I will.

  5. Madoka was easily the show of the season (and possibly the year)

    Even though the last two episodes are delayed until sometime this month…

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