I like to Tweet like a Robot, do you? #jamaibot

All fully or partly mechanical creations/lifeforms are cool; robots, androids, cyborgs, gynoids, the Borg… well maybe not the Borg. Point is that everyone has one (or more) mechanical love(s) in their life at one time or another be it Astro Boy, R2D2, C3PO, Megaman, Asimo, Optimus Prime, Wall-E, Cylon, Hal 9000, Sentinel, Rosie, Marvin the list goes on.

Robots are no longer just science fiction or fantasy! I ‘ve sure made my share of robot related posts over the years.

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Tweet like a Robot!

Before the cybernetic implants, limb replacements and bio-mechanical cognitive upgrades are mass reproduced, all we can do now is tweet like a robot. In fact I’ve been tweeting like a robot for a while now and I wish to assimilate you all Borg style.

So join me and tweet with the #jamaibot hashtag or tweet me @Jamaipanese with your best robot impersonations of 140 characters or less. I will retweet and I may highlight the best ones is a followup post, don’t be shy because “All your base are belong to us“.