Tokyo Ghoul – First Impressions

Tokyo Ghoul is a new anime which began airing a few weeks ago. It is based off a manga series by Sui Ishida. This was the first anime from the Summer 2014 lineup I decided to take a look at as I liked the art style and heard good things about the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul is the first anime from the Summer2014 lineup I decided to give a try

Plot Synopsis

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a young university student who due to some strange circumstances ends up ends up recieving organs transplanted to him from a flesh eating monster. These monsters are called “ghouls”, they appear human but unfortunately can only survive by eating humans. Kaneki ends up being a half human, half ghoul and the story will develop around his struggle to remain human while resisting his ghoulish needs.

Tokyo Ghoul is a mature anime not for the queasy

Interested in how the story develops

Three episodes in and I am interested enough to watch more. The first episode hit all the right points and quickly introduced the main characters, mixed in some action and set the premise for what is to come. I think I have become invested enough to want to see how the story plays out. I really hope the story isn’t shallow and that the varying characters are developed well.

Not seen Tokyo Ghoul yet? I’d recommend you give it a try. If you have already share your thoughts below in a comment or tweet me @Jamaipanese. What other summer 2014 anime do you think is worth watching? Your recommendations are needed because I have a very long list!

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