Tomorrow Will Glow – Single by Machaco to benefit the Tōhoku Disaster Relief Effort

Machaco is a Japanese reggae singer I blogged about many years ago. I went on to meet her in person and she even welcomed me into her home and accompanied me to Nara and Kyoto during my trip to Japan last year. Machaco is an excellent singer not because she is my friend but because she really is talented and has been perfecting her craft for many many years. She has  helped to write, produce and recorded a new single entitled “Tomorrow Will Glow” which was recently released. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Japan Red Cross and go towards releive efforts in the areas devastatd by the  Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear problems. Please support!

“Tomorrow Will Glow” Single to benefit the Japan relief effort.
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March 11, 2011 one of the biggest earthquake to ever happen originated from Sanriku in the Ocean Pacific off the coast of Iwaki prefecture. The damage caused by this huge tsunami which is said to take place once every thousand years was so enormous that it took the lives of many and destroyed historical ports and villages in a flash.

Being born in this beautiful country and experiencing such devastation made us want to help the situation. Being in members of the reggae fraternity in Japan, motivated us to record this charity song.

In the affected areas, even more than six months from the disaster, there are mountains of rubbles left untouched. Many people are still forced to live in shelters and make shift homes. There is also the scenario of the approaching long cold winter that sometimes reaches temperatures of ï¼10℃ to ï¼15℃(14F to 5F) which will even make the victims more desperate for continuous assistance.

The way for you to lend your support is to download copies of this song. All proceeds will be donated to the victims via Japanese Red Cross Society.
Blessed love, Machaco and Ayako ‘Iyah’ Knight

Tomorrow will glow
Produced by Mitchum “Khan” Chin and machaco
Mixed by Rohan Dwyer at Groove box
Words : Ayako ‘Iyah’ Knight
Melody : machaco
All instrumental : Mitchum “Khan” Chin
Additional keyboards : Andrew “Stringy” Marsh
Harmony : machaco
Recorded at Melody Life Studio Japan and Sam1 Studio Kingston
Art works : Karisyu
Video editor : Kazunori Ito

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