Machaco – Reggae Songstress from Japan

One of the strongest bonds between Jamaica and Japan is Jamaica’s music and entertainment scene. Every year thousands of Japanese people visit Jamaica to experience Jamaica’s varied and vibrant music and culture. Recently I was introduced to the music of a very interesting singer from Japan. Her name is Machaco, a Japanese reggae singer whose love for Jamaica shines through in her music.

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant at first to hear her music but after hearing only her first song I was impressed at how authentic her sound was and indeed if she wasn’t singing in Japanese I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between her and another local female reggae singer. Check out one of her music videos after the jump.

I really like this song especially the video. I like her authentic portrayal of Jamaica and regular everyday people and happenings plus it’s in Japanese so I can use this a Japanese study and translation material.

About Machaco

Born and raised in Aichi, Machaco’s musical career began as a singer / DJ for the Dynasty sound system in 1992. Her talent being recognized immediately, she started to record for a variety of producers ever since. Machaco has been one of the most consistently successful female vocalists in the history of reggae music in Japan, and is becoming a successful producer at the same time.

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