Tokyo misses out on 2016 Olympic Games

Tokyo missed out on hosting the 2016 Olympic Games after it was voted out in the second round of voting in during the 121st International Olympic Committee  Session in Copenhagen today. Chicago was surprisingly voted out first and that left Madrid (Spain) and Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) left to duke it out for the vote.


Tokyo Olympic bid and interesting comments

I have been keenly following the progress and various steps that each of the candidate city bids have gone through and made two posts the first one last year detailing my thoughts on Tokyo’s 2016 Olympic Bid and the second earlier this year when it showed that Tokyo’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games was strong. The second post got some really interesting comments from persons explaining why they thought some cities should or should not be the host which made for a very interesting read.

Twitter Poll Results


Minutes before the start of the voting by the IOC there was a lot of buzz and anticipation among some of my friends on twitter so I decided to throw out a quick twitter poll to see which city they wanted to host the 2016 Olympic Games. There was a obvious Tokyo bias as most of my pals are Japanophiles like me but interestingly Rio was right up there.

and the winner is… Rio de Janeiro!


The second largest city in Brazil famous for breath taking views, carnival, samba, and beautiful beaches will be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. The first thing I though when they won was that at least I don’t have to be up in the middle of the night to watch the races Jamaica is involved in ^^. Congrats Rio! View details of their on Wikipedia or their official website at

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