Giant Tetsujin 28-go Statue Complete

Kobe is the latest city in Japan to get it’s own giant robot statue but unlike Tokyo who’s giant Gundam was only up temporarily as to not offend Godzilla-sama. Kobe‘s Giant Tetsujin 28-go statue will be a permanent fixture in the skyline of Japan’s sixth largest city. I posted about the plans for this statue with concept art a few months ago and it’s good to see it finally completed.


Giant Tetsujin 28-go Statue

The monument of Tetsujin 28-go is located at Wakamatsu Park in Kobe’s Nagata Ward. Tetsujin 28-go is known as “Gigantor” or “Iron Man” in English and it’s illustrator Mitsuteru Yokoyama who passed away a few years ago was a Kobe native. The ceremony to mark the completion of the statue is scheduled for October 4th.

Symbol of Reconstruction

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The statue has no moving parts and was built to be permanently displayed as a symbol of the reconstruction of the area, which was devastated by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January 1995 which killed thousands of people and caused over a hundred billion dollars in damage.

Source – Giant Gigantor makes mark in Kobe


9 thoughts on “Giant Tetsujin 28-go Statue Complete

  1. This one does not seem to be getting as much press as the Gundam which was build in Tokyo.

    I assume this is because there must be fewer J-bloggers in Kobe.

  2. Yeah, it’s got a more dynamic pose in comparison to the gundam, but I’d still prefer staring at the gundam. No disrespect to Tetsujin-sama of course. [japan]

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