Tokyo + Kamakura by Tan Hong Jiun

I surfed into another interested Japan related video that I found on Vimeo. This time time by Tan Hong Jiun who hails from Singapore and says he “Likes to take the road less traveled.” He made this video below over 10 days in February as he walked around Tokyo and Kamakura  – two places I enjoyed during my own trip to Japan last year. I recognize a few shops I walked pass on my way to the Great Buddha of Kamakura, lots of Japanese train train action, surfing in Tokyo Bay, foods like Okonomiyaki (I think) and sushi, pachinko, sumo wrestling and more. Check the video out below.

I LOVE finding and watching videos like this one, so if you surf into one you’d like to share feel free to do so on Twitter @Jamaipanese, on the Facebook page or through my contact form.

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