One Love Jamaica Festival 2012 – Photos + Video

Another year, another spring and Tokyo came alive over the weekend with the 2012 staging of the One Love Jamaica Festival in Yoyogi Park. Jamaican food, music and culture attracted thousands of international expats, local fans of Jamaica and Jamaicans living and working in Japan in dire need on a cultural injection. Below are some photos and a video taken at One Love Jamaica Festival 2012, enjoy and if you are in Japan around this time of year next year don’t forget to attend, I wish I could, but for now I can definitely say one day when I visit Japan around this time or live in Japan I will be able to attend this festival.

More on  Hokkaido and Tokyo to be linked via Shinkansen
One Love Jamaica Festival 2012 - Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan
International Reggae icon Bob Marley is revered in Japan
Another year, another massive crowd
It can't be a Jamaican party without reggae music

Video by Rhyminggaijin

Photos and Video – Dave’s Japan Blog | Tokyo WeekenderColors of Life | Rhyminggaijin


4 thoughts on “One Love Jamaica Festival 2012 – Photos + Video

  1. Looking at the pictures, it seems they think Jamaica is all about Bob Marley. But it’s cool to see a Jamaican Japanese connection. You should totally go. I bet they’d be surprised to see a real Jamaica-jin! [jamaica]

  2. Reggae music all day.. everyday… no plant illegal 麻!!!!!

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