The Kind of Blogger I am, What Kind of Blogger Are you?

I’m still not certain how I should feel after my 71% on the Geek Quiz, but I got sent a significantly less geeky quiz today in reminding my about Blog Action Day on October 15th, if you own a blog and you’d like to take part sign up over at the Blog Action Day website, this year’s topic is the environment. Even if you’ll not take past but still own a blog (or a couple blogs) take part in the quiz, you might be surprised by your results.


8 thoughts on “The Kind of Blogger I am, What Kind of Blogger Are you?

  1. I am currently running a month-long blogging campaign on environment-related matters, which had begun on Sept 15th, and will conclude on Oct 15th in conjunction with Blog Action Day. And I’d like to invite you over to my blog to participate in the campaign. Perhaps you have some tips or experience you’d like to share?

  2. @ Pelf…checking out your blog

    @ AS…great results

    @ you serious, I’ve never traveled so I wouldn’t know

    @ Bobby, it’s either I call you uncle or Geek, which do you choose?

    @ Betshopboy…I find you analogy and comments flattering ^_^

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