Japanese on top in Rubik’s Cube world championship

16 year old Yu Nakajima walked away with 5,000 (US$7,000) beating over 250 competitors from 33 countries to be crowned the 2007 Rubik’s Cube world champion, the American Andrew Kang was second and fellow Japanese national Mitsuki Gunji was third.

The world record for completing the cube is 9.86 seconds, held by Thibaut Jacquinot of France, yes thats 9.86 seconds! Who would have thought that a mechanical puzzle invented by the Hungarian sculptor would be so popular and take the world by storm.


[ Via – Mainichi | Japan Probe | AFP ]

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8 thoughts on “Japanese on top in Rubik’s Cube world championship

  1. I totally suck at the rubik’s cube.. I once got one side to be the same colour, thats been the height of my rubik’s career.

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