Japanese Officials Reprimanded for Editing Wikipedia at Work

“The Agriculture Ministry is not in charge of Gundam,” said Tsutomu Shimomura of Japan’s Ministry Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in his statement to the press related to the six bureaucrats reprimanded for entries on Wikipedia the popular Web site encyclopedia from ministry computers.

Contributions related to the World Trade Organization and free trade agreements were cool but it was the couple hundred entries related to Gundam and other anime and otaku topics than landed them in hot water.

Thanks Grant for beaming me an email with this amusing news item but whats funny about this is if this kind of reprimanding was to happen here in Jamaica I’d probably be on top of the list of offenders. I work for a government Ministry as well here in Jamaica and with all the anime I have downloaded on my office computer I would surely be more than just “reprimanded” for filling 3/4 of the hardrive with “cartoons”.

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