Japan’s Kaguya now in Orbit

Japans aim of sending a man to the moon by 2020 is well underway. The recently launched Kaguya probe, which is named after a fairytale princess has successfully entered orbit of the moon after being launched in mid September and capturing hi def media of the earth from deep space a few days ago.



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10 thoughts on “Japan’s Kaguya now in Orbit

  1. Why are they going to the moon? Haven’t we as humans done that already? I’m sure there are better things to do with so much money! Hmm hi def pictures of earth and space not too bad of an idea though.

  2. @ Shonari…you should be able to in our lifetime

    @ Stunner…Japan was late into the space race but knowing how the Japanese are I wouldn’t be surprised in they are the space exploration leaders in the near future

  3. That’s an impressive looking rocket there. Why haven’t we heard anything from NASA? Have they nothing left to contribute to space exploration?

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