Playstation 3 struggling?

The Playstation 3 launch frenzy has died down and after a long drought without any mega hit games available it seems the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii are pulling away in the next generation console race. It’s not like Sony isn’t trying to get their fat, black, blu-ray powered, cancer curing super computers out their doors. They have tried numerous promotions like giving away free blu-ray movies, they have tried slashing the price…twice, one pre E3 PS3 price slash and other PS3 price slash is happening now in Japan and Europe, heck they have even bundled games with certain systems. So why isn’t the Ps3 selling?

Playstation 3

I must admit that the PS3 is attractive (except the price tag) and I can see myself buying one soon especially after having such a good time playing Heavenly Sword and the demo for Folklore at a local gaming arcade, I will not even talk about my uncontrollable drooling whenever I watch new footage of Gran Turismo HD. I’m still working on t he HD TV first though, makes no sense I go pick up a PS3 or Xbox 360 without going fully Hi Def!

Sales Figures

Microsoft has sold close to 12 million Xbox 360’s and Nintendo is closing in on that Magical 10 million Wii mark, How many PS3s do you think Sony has sold?